We have selected 4 official hotels located nearby the Sportenum hall andfor which we will provide shuttle service between the hotel and the Sportenum sport hall provided you book your hotel accommodation via the 3BIJ website.

Rooms will be allocated according to your demands and on a « first come, first served » basis.


After the draw has been made, no refunds on the accommodation !


Your booking will be confirmed once your payment of the total.sum will have been received via the booking webpage (http://3bij.fr/hotels/hotel/). Any such payment must be executed before January 2021. After that date, reservations lacking payment will be cancelled and players shall be responsible for arranging their own accommodation, please note that shuttle service in such a case can be provide at a fee 20Eper person to be paid at the registration desk.. .


  • 10% cancellation fee will be retained until 
  • 50% cancellation fee will be retained from 
    There will be no refund possible between January 2021 until the beginning of the tournament. If you fail to check in by 6 :00 pm latest on the announced day of arrival, except if notified in advance, you will be charged the room rate for one night plus 10% ofr organizational purposes.


Once the tournament has started, there can be no refund of hotel accommodation if you decide to leave earlier.


To best schedule your transfer from EuroAirport or Saint-Louis train station to your Hotel, please provide us with all relevant details : arrival/ departure day, location and time, number of persons ; flight or train numbers as soon as you know them. Please inform us of any change/delayed travel timely. All this information can be uploaded online (http://3bij.fr/forms/travel/). If this information is not provided, complaints won’t be heard.