A catering service will be in place at the Sportenum which will offer a choice of warm and cold sport meals as well as snacks and beverages during the entire day at a decent price. A full list will be accessible at our web site before the event.
The catering service will start on Thursday 28th /September. until Sunday 1st /October. midday.


All players and coaches will receive an ID at their arrival which will also serve as payment card for all food and beverage taken at the catering service. This card has to be preloaded in euros before usage. Not used credit will be refunded in cash only at the end of the tournament. It is possible to order preloaded cards with a defined amount (e.g. 20 euros) for each member of your team with the travel/hotel form. The payment has to be made before the first use of the cards.


Friday 29th and Saturday 30th dinners will be organized in a room next to the Sportenum at a price of 13 Euros / person /dinner. You must reserve the dinners at Booking on this website before the September 15th and you payed directly online. Be aware that in Saint-Louis the restaurants are closed after 9:00 p.m.

Thursday evening
Opening of the snack shop with warm and cold sandwiches, bread specialties, and pasta salads.

Friday evening
– soup and salad buffet (carrots, celery, green salad, ham and smoked sausages)
– pasta with different sauces (bolognese, mushroom or cheese)
– Greek yogurt with fruits

Saturday evening
– soup and salad buffet (carrots, celery, green salad, ham and smoked sausages)
– sliced chicken breasts with rice and mushroom sauce
– caramel or chocolate cream


The invoice must be paid at the tournament before the first scheduled match, failure to do so means that you will not be allowed to play.